As a young girl, I often avoided looking in the mirror. I never fit anyone’s beauty ideal. And then there was that year spent in a body cast after scoliosis surgery. About that time, I was introduced to the idea of affirmations -- saying something kind to myself, even if I didn’t yet believe it. At the beginning, all I could come up with was “I like your ears, kid.” It was something. Over the years, I have used affirmations each and every day as part of my morning routine. Brush my teeth, wash my face, and remind myself of something good. For the last year, that has meant reminding myself to move through my day with gratitude, or simply remembering that I love me. Now I teach a Gratitude Meditation class each week here in Los Angeles. And this line of hoodies grew from sharing my own Mirror Meditations practice with my students. Here’s to each of us remembering to be good to ourselves. We all need it.
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