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My original mixed media & word art infused into collections inspired by pop culture, travel, ancestral stories, and love.

Join my tribe of style warriors.

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The Mirror Meditations Collection

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Whether birthdays or Christmas, or any holiday in-between, I was always searching for wrapping paper and holiday decor that was MY style, not some hodge-podge of corporate same-ness. Now I share my take on a modern, fun, holiday aesthetic.

Holidays My Way
Mirror is written as a reflection in logo of Mirror Meditations, representing the line of apparel that is designed to be readable when the wearer looks at it in the mirror.


Mirror Meditations apparel is readable when the wearer looks at it in the mirror. Each piece is designed to be a personal reminder to urge us to check in with ourselves each day...or at the very least give us a reason to smile.



Streetwear for who you are...and who you'll always be.

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The 80s -- pop art, clubs like Danceteria, Mudd Club, Club 57, Paradise Garage, Fun House, CBGB, the fashion, colors, people, music -- all of that lives on in each piece, curated by Cyd, the secret club kid. You may now enter.

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The NEW Other

"Othering" is a way of marginalizing those who are deemed to be outside of the acceptable or societal norm.

It's traditionally associated with race, gender, socio-economics, ethnicity, religion...anything where one group is held out as the standard above all others.

Over the last decade, The Tribe of Otherness has so fully embraced our multi-faceted identities that we have changed the cultural and political landscape as The New Other brings a vital POV to the zeitgeist. Now we can celebrate that by wearing it proudly. xoxo

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The Sojourn Collection

Home fashion decor inspired by memories of favorite travels around the globe, and imbued by remnants of my ancestry now living within my mixed media and digital art.

Come along for the adventure, and make the sojourn your own!

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I am the New Other.

I cannot be defined by checking one box. Filmmaker...Writer... Artist...Meditation Teacher...Friend...Sister...Vocal Change Agent...Mother. Everything I am informs my art.

Embrace The Other in who you are...the world will catch up.

The New Other

Sharing the love for unique fashions for home & body...

I love the design aesthetic. And I am always excited to see how she will mix her art with items I want to wear or have in my home immediately!


I love this! A personal reminder for my daily affirmations.


Smart, unique designs, always with an unexpected twist.